Thursday , October 21 2021

Dieselgate: Daimler threatens its turn with financial penalties


Frankfurt (awp / afp) – Stuttgart's public prosecutor has opened an administrative procedure for Daimler in the framework of a fake diesel engine scandal, which caused the German manufacturer to be financially penalized, AFP learned Wednesday at the prosecutor's office.

"We opened yesterday like an administrative procedure for violations" of the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer, the prosecutor's spokesman said.

This adds to the ongoing criminal investigation, which targets four officials at Daimler, accused of fraud and misleading advertisements related to handling diesel emissions, according to the same source.

In other similar administrative procedures related to "Dieselgate", the Volkswagen brand has to pay a record amount of one billion euros and a subsidiary of a premium car, Audi, fined 800 million euros.

Contacted, Daimler confirmed that he was targeted by such procedures and said "fully cooperating" with the authorities.

The automaker has been ordered by German car agency KBA to attract 700,000 vehicles worldwide, including 280,000 in Germany, equipped with "prohibited" software. The Group appealed this decision.

Makers of Bosch equipment, Porsche brands and BMW manufacturers must also be investigated criminally and can be fined in this extensive file, which broke out when Volkswagen admitted in 2015 that it had installed 11 million vehicles including 2, 4 million sold in Germany.

Some Volkswagen executives are also still in criminal investigations, while the group faces tens of thousands of consumer complaints.

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