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Did Carlos Ghosn invite friends to the Rio Carnival at the expense of Renault-Nissan in 2018?


February 20, 2019

Carlos Ghosn and his wife "invited eight couples to Brazil, luxury vacations completed by the parent company Alliance" franco-Japan cars, on the occasion of the Rio carnival on 9 and 10 February 2018, said Express, Which says it relies on email exchanges. "Regardless of the price of airline tickets, each of which took over, all fees are paid by the group: 230,000 euros, first settled by Nissan Brazil, then rebill to the Dutch subsidiary RNBV, funded in half by each of the two producers," detailed the weekly.

Lawyers for fallen car bosses reacted Wednesday to say that friendly relations "do not exclude business relations". "It even happened that they were on their side," AFP Me Jean-Yves Le Borgne said. "It is said, we are told, about Carlos Ghosn's personal relationship, but can someone conclude that the abuse of the Alliance's funds has been done?" He asked.

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At Copacabana Hilton Hotel

Among the guests, "Mario Saradar, the Lebanese bank president was named after him, a large company where Carlos Ghosn holds nearly 5% as shareholders, a Lebanese parliamentarian, Misbah Ahdab, a wealthy real estate developer, Harry Macklowe, whose wealth estimated at 2 billion "or the Lebanon Post president, Khalil Daoud, quoted the magazine. They will, always obey Express, staying at the Hilton Copacabana Hotel in a suite "paid for by car makers for each pair".


Before being angry, it was important to verify that they were completely alien to the Renault Nissan business.


Guests are also entitled to "two armored cars", "personal agents" to ensure their safety during sightseeing or gifts in their hotel rooms, the magazine said.

"Before becoming angry, it is necessary to ensure that they are [les invités, NDLR] "It is completely alien to the Renault Nissan business," Le Borgne said, adding that the Lebanon Post president "has a professional need for a large fleet of cars".

The former boss of the car alliance was arrested on November 19 in Tokyo. Since then he has been indicted for declining income which has been expressed to stock market authority and breach of trust, and detained.

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