Christian Quesada VS Marie-Christine: Camille Combal organizes a duel!


Remember, Christian Quesada, former champion 12 shots midday on TF1, has talked about him openly criticizing the longevity record in a game show founded by Marie-Christine a few weeks ago on Everyone wants to take their place in France 2. When the duel is now arrived!

Indeed, Camille Combal has a rich idea to propose a duel between two championship matches on Virgin Radio. To do this, moderator Dance with the stars and Who wants to make millions? on TF1 created a short game titled TV Champion based on general cultural questions that will temporarily replace the morning Virgin Tonic.

The champion's surprise will take place on January 31 on Virgin Radio (and airs live on Camille Combal's Facebook page). Christian and Marie-Christine will be the head of the team and the amount of 10,000 euros will be included in the game, the amount to be donated to the Adolphe de Rothschild Ophthalmological Foundation.

Who will win between Noon Masters with 800,000 euros from the acquisition of 193 participation and Nagui champions with 213 wins for "only" 196,000 euros from the acquisition? Tension …


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