C25 accused Macky Sall of carrying out an election coup


Not surprisingly, the Constitutional Council publishes on Sunday, January 20, 2019 & # 39; & # 39; Final list of candidates for the February 24 2019 presidential election in Senegal.

It is now clear to national and international opinions that Macky SALL has stubbornly established plans for his re-election in the first round instead of holding free and transparent elections. In addition, through various provocations, arbitrary arrests of all-out opposition activists, fierce crackdowns on democrats and democracy fighters, Macky SALL shows the road to confrontation as the only choice left for the people.

In line with Resolution 1 January 2019, C.25 rejects the results of sponsorship control and the decision of the Constitutional Council without appeal.
C.25, in response to provocations Macky SALL is determined to engage in a battle without concessions to maintain the democracy acquisition of our country and face, in all available ways, arbitrarily imposed by an exiting president who is afraid of facing citizen suffrage in an honest manner And sincere.
C.25 calls for the mobilization of all segments of the population, all civilian, military and paramilitary voters, students and students, unions, the press to prevent fraudulent re-election plans from being revealed from Macky SALL in the first round.

C25 places special emphasis on the coordination of communes and the environment, especially on the participation of youth and women in the implementation of the slogan. The training mission will travel throughout the week in all 14 regions of the country and diaspora to fully inform activists and populations and educate them about practical steps of resistance.
C25 holds a national day of action, the date of which will be announced soon.
C25 demands the immediate and unconditional release of imprisoned citizens and the termination of prosecution as part of the struggle to maintain electoral integrity.
C25 asks Senegalese people to consider Macky SALL as a candidate who was eliminated from the February 24, 2019 presidential election and opposes all means of carrying out his election campaign.

United and determined, we will overcome
Performed in Dakar on January 21, 2019


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