Budget of the Ministry of Economy Solidarity rose 300%


Dakar, November 27 (APS) – The Ministry of Economy's Budget for Solidarity and Microfinance for the 2019 financial year totaled 11 billion 468 million 948 thousand 312 FCFA, against 2 billion 864 million 793 thousand 120 FCFA in 2018.

Thus recording an increase of 8 billion 604 million 155,000 192 FCFA, in absolute value and 300, 34% in relative value.

According to the Minister of Economics of Solidarity and Microfinance, Aminata Angélique Manga, the draft budget always reveals "political will and strategic choice".

Ms Manga, whose statement was reported by a report that presented the budget, assured that the creation in 2017 of the department "is one of the main innovations of government architecture."

"This reflects the will of the President of the Republic to make social economy and the solidarity and lever of microfinance in financial and social inclusion services," he added.

Ms Manga also assured that the funding criteria "followed strict rules" in relation to projects funded by their services, stressing that their service was "based on respect for equity and transparency."

"To be financed, the project must be able to create added value and work. Once the project is reliable and meets the financing requirements, the project will be registered, regardless of partisan consideration," he said. he made understand.


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