An extraordinary young secret from Vitoria Beckham for 1,300 euros


Beautiful, smooth, elegant, well-maintained, all fans wonder how Victoria Beckham is always fresh at the age of 44. Curiosity is said to have killed the cat but it is hoped that the celebrity media will not die too.

The last spoon that was released was on the beauty accessories that enabled Mrs. Beckham remains as young as a teenager.

Are you ready to find out what that is? it's a cream made from his blood. Ah, these stars will not surprise us with their excesses.

Always present on Instagram, a former pop star recently revealed to have started a new anti-aging treatment by Dr. Barbara Sturm, the same institution where she brought her daughter Harper, 7, a few days ago.

In addition to feeding himself with food supplements, the UK has adopted a moisturizer made from his blood.

People: Vitoria Beckham's youth secret is extraordinary at 1300 euros

" He took a portion of my blood and created a healing cream based on my own cell, which has anti-inflammatory and regenerative benefits "First explain the designer on social networks. Results after one night?" My skin is amazing! Super well hydrated and radiant ! And very sweet " said Barbara Sturm, celebrity dermatologist from the stars.

Therefore, the cells themselves should be "anti-inflammatory and regenerative". And the 44-year-old stylist seems to have been conquered by the German concept, which costs almost 1,300 euros.

"My skin is amazing! Super moist and clean! And very sweet," he testified in the Instagram story.

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