Aly Ngouille: "I will arrange the election" •


The opposition, which asks the President of the Republic to appoint a neutral personality for electoral organizations, can be disappointed. The Interior Minister insisted and signed that he would be the organizer of the next election. He told opposition members yesterday when he chose his department's draft budget.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, finally closed the debate about the organization of the 2019 presidential election. "I am the one who will organize the election. To this day, I will organize the election, because it was a decision I signed with president Macky Sall, hammering Aly Ngouille Ndiaye defended the budget on Tuesday, his department. He assured that elections would be held in the most absolute transparency. "We will organize elections correctly, there will be no problem," he said.

On repeating the 2017 voter list, the Interior Minister revealed: "of the 6.05 million edited cards, 5.85 million cards have been distributed and there are still 197,777 cards to withdraw. That is a grant rate of 97%." "And for the latest reviews , 386,000 cards were broken up in Senegal's distribution center. Of these, 126,000 were withdrawn by registrants. Today, there are 262,000 cards left to withdraw. A total of 460,000 cards are in the country's distribution center, "he said. Detained for the case of Karim Wade in exile in Qatar, the minister sacked MP Mame Diarra Fam at Me Madicke Niang's house on the grounds that he, as minister, did not know when Wade's son left in exile.

Georges Emmanuel NDIAYE


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