Advocacy for innovative GBV control strategies


Dakar, November 27 (APS) – Cire Lo, director of the cabinet of the Women's, Family and Gender Ministry, appealed on Tuesday for the development of innovative strategies to combat violence based on violence. gender (GBV) in Senegal.

"If nothing is done to fight gender based violence, all efforts made by the government to move towards empowering women will be in vain," he said.

He spoke to reporters at the closing ceremony of the 2017 Demographic and Health data collection workshop (DHS-2017) on women's empowerment and GBV.

According to Ciré Lô, gender based violence is an "important issue" for the effectiveness of women's rights and protection.

According to him, this workshop made it possible to share various indicators that were considered relevant, which made it possible to get acquainted with the current situation of the prevalence of the phenomenon.

"We have seen that from one room to another, there are inequalities, but in all spaces, we find that violence is present and women are pregnant," he complained.

He noted that workshops also map phenomena, a process that highlights "high prevalence" in some spaces, compared to others where gender-based violence is less meaningful.

In any case, "the phenomenon exists", he said, adding that from this information, the actors had the opportunity to assist in strategic decision making to make new progress in the fight. against violence, but also in the process of empowering women.


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