4 marriages for 1 honeymoon from January 22, 2019 – Marjorie & Frederic – 4 marriages for 1 honeymoon


Classic, original, traditional weddings … Every week, four young brides oppose and judge their respective ceremonies to try to win their dream honeymoon! They do not know each other but have received, on that day, to be judged by others. In each episode, when one of them passes the ring on their finger, the other three, invited to the ceremony and at night, must record the marriage. Invitations are not like the others because all are in competition and crave the title of "best marriage". Imagination and creativity will be important to make this day unique and unique. Every Friday, during the final, couples will find their records, so far keep secrets and comment on the best day of their lives! Couples who receive the best average will win their dream honeymoon. Which of the four marriages has the highest ranking?


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