Watch the aircraft camera "Dron" documenting the moment of the flow of the "Aljhfp" waterfall and the "Hobja" and "Curve" Valley of the Balashikr


The pioneers of social networking sites that trade several videos – documented by the Dron plane – show the flow of waterfalls caused by rainwater harvesting in Al-Jahfah with reeds, Hawabja and Al-Muhaini.

The photographer, Thawit al-Fadl, recorded with his camera the "Al-Jahfa" waterfall in the city of Al-Qasab, east of Shakra province, in a beautiful landscape. Photographer Muhammad al-Tawil documented the flow of Wadi al-Hawbja and Al-Qurna, which took place north of Ashqar, in a scene that attracted the attention of parkers and lovers of truth.

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