Saturday , May 8 2021

Today's newspaper is a complicated operation that brings young people back to digging

A medical team specializing in neurosurgery and spine surgery at King Khalid Hospital in Hafr al-Batin managed to regenerate the lower limb of a young man who had a severe traffic accident resulting in serious spinal cord injury and nerve damage that made him not can walk and feel the lower part of the body.

Hafr al-Batin explained that patients undergo emergency surgery to remove pressure from the spinal cord and stabilize the spine. This operation takes four hours and works. Congratulations, improvements were observed in the movement of limbs paralyzed with output control during the first weeks of surgery. .

The patient is currently undergoing a physical therapy program, and intensive rehabilitation will enable him, God willing, to restore movement and sense and complete control.

These steps are in line with health efforts to achieve one of the goals in the National 2020 Transition program, namely to improve pre-hospital health care and emergency care. This objective is related to one of Vision 2030's goals, namely to improve the quality of preventive and preventive health services And therapeutic.

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