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Today's gold price in Egypt

Gold Prices in Egypt Today, As part of the follow-up to the Arab News for the latest prices on the Egyptian market, where we review the review Price of one gram of gold Sign in Egyptian Hair Makeup Shop For all yellow metal bullets, and the most famous 21 caliber gold price Against the Egyptian pound.

Demand for gold on the Egyptian market is increasing during holidays and events, where there are many opportunities for engagement and marriage, and consequently need to buy gold networks to provide brides.

Today's Gold Prices in Egypt

Through the following table survey, readers can find out today's gold price against the Egyptian pound at the goldsmith. The price of gold today in Egypt is as follows

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UnitThe price of gold in the Egyptian pound
Caliber 24751 to 753
22688 to 690
21 caliber657 to 659
18 caliber563 to 565
14438 to 439
Caliber375 to 377
Ounce23,352 to 23,423
Gold Pound5,256 to 5,272
Kilo750,857 to 753,143

The price of gold on the Egyptian financial market

UnitEgyptian PoundUnited States Dollar
Price of 24K Gold760.96 pounds$ 45.85
The price of gold is 22 caliberEGP 697.56$ 42.03
Gold priceEGP 665.86$ 40.12
The price of gold is 18 thousandEGP 570.73$ 34.39
Price of 14 carat goldEGP 443.90$ 26.75
The price of gold is 12 caliberEGP 380.48$ 22.93
The price of gold is 9 caliberEGP 285.36$ 17.19
OZ Gold PricesEGP 23,666$ 1,426
Gold price5,327 pounds$ 320.97
Gold price760,963 pounds$ 45,852

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