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The most important words from Angham in «Date» … Letter to the highlands and Shirin

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Cairo – By Rami Fawzi – Angham made many important statements during the interview with "Takhareef". He spoke for the first time about his "secret" marriage from Ahmed Ezz, revealing his suffering of depression for 5 years, and others

Editing: Abdel Fattah Ajami November 13, 201 – 12:00 noon

Singer Angham, a guest in the media Wafaa Al Kilani, replaced his program "Takharif", aired on the MBC channel. He made many important statements during the meeting. He talked about the reason why the joy of his youth had been lost since his youth. "I don't know how to find happiness," he said. That he had used drugs for depression for 5 years and stopped, and when I stopped feeling stronger than this situation, noted that it stopped taking these drugs because they would not be hostages to drugs, especially that they did not feel the time to take these medicines happiness or sadness.

Angham added during the meeting: "I am a meaningful person, I know the place of joy and I study on my own after the heroism of depression medicine that I saw, and I am stronger than that, I do not know how to treat it. So I decided to cancel." Angham explained that even though he suffered

Angham added during the meeting: "I am a meaningful person, I know the place of joy and I study on my own after the heroic depression medication that I saw, and I am stronger than that, I do not know how to treat it. So I decided to cancel."

Angham explained that despite suffering from severe depression, he did not think for a moment about the act of suicide, on the contrary, he sought a way out of this vortex and returned to normal in any way even if it had several disadvantages such as allergies and anxiety. I think I am the second person, I am a fan of songs that I know that behave from his heart. I want humans who our Lord, the Creator, does not do his work. "

Angham indicated that he had just been married three times, he said that his sadness was the most annoyed at his ex-husband, indicating that he was a calm person for most of the time. However, he did it if he was angry and said he was never upset. Because he always deliberately ignores rumors based on speculation, curiosity and absurdity, as he said, shows that he is not interested in knowing who launched it at the beginning.

Angham spoke clearly about his marriage to the artist Ahmed Ezz, where he revealed that their marriage was not a secret as was common, but it was announced and his family was aware of it and his neighbors and all his friends knew they were married, but did not want to know the general details "Our marriage is an announcement, but we don't have a marriage," he said, stressing that there was no reason for him to marry secretly from the ground, and that this was totally unacceptable to him.

He said that all the current news was spread about the existence of love stories and marriages collected by someone in the artistic community during the last period, baseless, and only reported throughout his career and speculation from the media to cause a media explosion.

Angham was surprised by some people who described him as having a "sharp personality", suggesting that he was just honest and didn't know the secret of describing it in this way even though he always behaved from his heart. He expressed his love for the final poet Essam Abdullah, Malam "Ali al-Hajjar and his words.

Angham was directed during the episodes of the commandments of the trio Amr Diab and Asala Nasri and Shirin Abdul Wahab, but the first said that he did not need to recommend anything to him, it was extraordinary as it is, and said: "leave you what you shine", and for Asala, you say that it is one of the most important voices that He created, and recommends his attention to his voice, but Shirin, not very different is explained to sound the description from before, and recommends them to maintain the right place spontaneity, that is quality the most beautiful.

Angham recently released his latest song, "Mtlagpta", which was a huge success soon after launching through the official channel on "YouTube" and was preparing to launch his new album during the coming period.

The "Takharif" program, presented several episodes of him, and guests from this episode are stars Wael Kfoury, Amir Karara and Iyad Nassar, Nancy Ajram and Hassan Al-Raddad, and presented by Wafaa Kilani through the MBC screen.

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