Wednesday , July 28 2021

The invention of the device "magically" changes every surface of the touch screen

Technology always provides modern ideas that facilitate our daily lives, and from the latest innovations, devices that turn every surface into a digital touch screen.

Bapi Cube, Puppy Cube An Android device that reflects an image on any surface, such as a dining table or house floor, and turns it into a touch-sensitive digital screen.

The technology at BabiCube is similar to a projector or projector, which reflects the image on the wall, but the difference here is that the reflected image responds to touch.

The storage capacity of 32 GB devices, including 4 GB RAM (RAM), and reflects images with high definition video technology HD.

The device can flip content from any tablet or smartphone, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The company said this device would be useful for many daily uses, such as video games for children, or used in presentations during work projects.

The company will launch the operating system in December, and will be charged $ 800.

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Source: Palestine today

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