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The future of the camera on the smart phone "Obo hidden camera"

Recently, there has been very fierce competition between all cellphones in the form of a front camera. Every company finds a different front camera form to give the widest possible space screen from the device and try all devices working with full mobile screens and each company thinking in back of Samsong Samsung's camera on the front screen in shape Only holes in the size of the camera, such as cellphones and 10 Aobo and Huawei and Shawmi making cellphones with slide cameras Slider to open only when activating the camera app today, Obo doing something different will make the camera front in place without appearing.

Today, Obo offers us the latest technological advances in the field of smart smartphones, giving us a complete screen without a front camera and even without a sliding camera, Opo has developed a new technology to hide the camera under the screen without a camera without showing the front camera, but how ? This is what we will deliver today.

The future of the camera on the smart phone "Obo hidden camera"

The future of the camera on the smart phone "Obo hidden camera"

Obo announced during World Mobile Congress that a technology was designed to allow smart cameras to work at the bottom of the screen to allow users to use full screen. Opo CEO said that the company is trying to innovate a lot of technology and has devoted itself to research in cellular technology and camera work technology as a result of that research.

We all know that you are interested in how this camera works and how it lights up to imagine that the screen might be made of semi-transparent parts on top of the camera, allowing light to go from the inside out so the camera can take pictures while light is not allowed outside. The screen is the same and this is future technology. The camera works with full efficiency, even though it is located at the bottom of the screen and seems to provide a semi-transparent part of the camera screen with a lens for better image quality.

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Video shows hidden screen hidden camera

The following video shows practical experience using hidden cameras under the technical screen developed by Obo and shared with the world and is expected to start companies to use this technology on their phones next year and most can see this technology on the phone. OboFindX the next Obo version where this phone is the company's flagship cellphone that follows the video ..

This is the end of our talk today, but Aziz viewer Do you think that this is the end of development on the camera we can finally get a full screen there is no competition on camera sites between companies Can there be more progress in the camera than that or the company will go to compete in other parts of the mobile Give your opinion about comments under this topic.

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