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Cairo – Sleepwalking is a type of disorder that usually occurs when a person moves from deep sleep to a milder or awake stage, but when he wakes up from sleep, nothing happens. Yesterday, in some cases, patients may talk while sleeping, and people usually suffer from this kind of disorder in childhood, and in adulthood too, so we know in the next line, the most important information about walking while sleeping, according to the site " webmd"He said.

Symptoms of walking while sleeping

When the patient sleeps, he can walk around the room calmly or try to run away, usually the patient's eyes open with the glass while walking around the house, he can answer the household questions to him or not at all and then go back to bed. Something.

Walk while sleeping

Causes of walking while sleeping

Some causes of walking during sleep, such as identical twins, are more susceptible to this kind of disorder, as well as genetic factors.

Other factors that cause this disorder are:

Lack of sleep.

– Expose psychological distress.

– Drink alcohol.

– Take some drugs like hypnosis.

Medical conditions that can cause walking during sleep are:

– Heartbeat disorder.

– High body temperature.

– Heartburn from the stomach.

– Night Asthma.

– Temporary sleep apnea.

– restless leg syndrome.

– Incidents of mental disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, separation cases, such as multiple personality disorders.

Treatment goes while sleeping

Treatment goes while sleeping

The patient must go to the doctor and talk to him about the problem, and his health, and through him explain the right medicine, and help more effective relaxation and mental reasoning techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, or hypnosis.

Treatment goes while sleeping

Tips for preventing sleepwalking

There is no known method for preventing sleepwalking, but some tips help reduce risk:

– Get enough sleep.

– Reduce stress by practicing meditation sessions or doing relaxation exercises.

– Lock doors and windows.

– Cover glass windows with thick curtains.

– Put a towel or knob on the bedroom door.

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