Security authorities uncover the mystery of the disappearance and theft of personal belongings in restaurants in Mecca


Dubai – By Mohamed Faris © Sabq News

Security authorities in the holy capital to clear the mystery were hit by a number of people at the famous restaurant in Mecca from theft and loss of personal goals.

Security patrols in the holy capital have launched reports from several people found in a number of restaurants to steal and take while being held accountable or in restaurants.

After gathering information about the person and tracking the sequence of cases, which is the entry of people into the restaurant and work from an exploration tour and looking for items lost by the owner to steal and immediately leave the restaurant.

A security patrol in the holy capital, thank God, managed to track someone down and was seen stealing a handbag from someone in the restaurant.

An ambush was prepared for him, his arrest, preparation of reports of the incident and his referral to the Public Prosecutor's Office after he was caught in his crime.


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