Saturday , October 23 2021

Plum protects from aging and cancer


RAMALLAH, Iraq – Nutrition experts in the United States have revealed the health benefits of plum fruit, which is a fruit that is popular in many countries.

A plum is a real natural medicine. If someone has asthma or arthritis, he must eat plums regularly.

Plum also helps the body recover quickly after exposure to sunburn, and is effective as an additional treatment in tumor treatment, because it contains various antioxidants, protecting the body from aging, because it fights free radicals.

Plum is also effective in protecting the eyes, because it contains the compound "Xaxantin" from the group "Carotenoids."

Plums contain useful ingredients such as sorbitol and izatin, which help with the normal functioning of the digestive system. Paromom is anti-constipation, so doctors recommend that anyone with chronic constipation or temporarily have to eat plums.

Plum is also an important source of vitamin C, which increases the body's resistance to infections, infections, and free radicals, Plum also plays an important role in improving the condition of the heart and preventing the buildup of cholesterol plaque in the blood vessel walls.

Research has shown that eating plums regularly reduces the risk of tumors in the breast, large intestine and respiratory system, and plums are effective in fighting cancer cells, while they contain anthocyanin dyes that protect the oral cavity of malignant tumors.

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