On his birthday, Mai Selim was the luckiest in his generation after working with leaders and magicians


On Tuesday, the singer celebrated her birthday, and the young star achieved great success in the field of acting in addition to basic singing work. He was fortunate in his artistic career and presented important works with top stars who did not cooperate with several other artists of his generation.

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Mei is one of the most prominent female artists, mainly because she collaborated with the Egyptian art giant, including the leader Adel Imam in the "Hidden Worlds," which was shown the last of Ramadan and achieved great success.


Also collaborated with the late witch Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in the series "Abu Heiba ​​in Jabal Halal" and realized his daughter and played the role of a girl for the first time in her career while filming works, participating in the championships of Wafa Amer and Tarek Lotfy and Nermin Fiki and Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Abdul Rahman and directed by Adel Adib.


He also has a part in working with the great star Nour El Sherif in the "Khalaf Allah" series, where he embodied his wife and achieved great success in this work, which participated in starring Sabra Mubarak, Abeer Sabri, Khalil Morsi, Samira Abdel Aziz, It was written by Zakaria Al-Saili and directed by Hosni Saleh.


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