Tuesday , November 19 2019
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New Zealand intelligence prevents the use of Huawei devices

New Zealand's second largest cellphone company, Spark, has blocked the use of Huawei devices in China's fifth generation network to be developed, saying it "poses a significant risk to national security."

In a statement, Spark said that the Government Security Office Director General, Andrew Hampton, told the company that they could not use Chinese devices for the fifth generation of the planned wireless network.

Hampton stressed that the State Security Bureau had assessed the Spark report, but declined to comment further on the ongoing regulatory process.

"The State Security Bureau deals with all communications it receives as commercially sensitive," the official said.

The move came after reports that the United States was pressing its allies to stop using communication devices from China's "Huawei Technologies" company.

Australia has blocked the use of Huawei in the fifth generation network. While the general statement on which Spark said it did not have the opportunity to review the detailed justification behind the decision.

"When we are disappointed with this decision, we are confident that the decision will not affect our plan to launch the Spark fifth generation network on July 1, 2020, which will require bandwidth needed by the New Zealand government," the statement said.

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