New approach to reduce off-peak costs at King Fahd Causeway


Fahad Al-Daoud, Director General of the King Fahd Bridge Foundation, said that new proposals are currently being considered to reduce costs in non-peak times, which witnessed a decline in the number of vehicles and passengers, to contribute to reducing congestion.

He added that "Daoud" that another trend is being studied for special fast track jobs for those who want to accelerate travel procedures for the proposed amount of around 500 riyals or more for business.

He stressed that the project would be open to foreign investment on the basis of profit and knowledge of expertise. He explained that executive procedures would begin immediately after the completion of post-study procedures. Mid next year.

He added that the agency was approaching the integration of stop points on the bridge to reduce it from 5 points to at least two in understanding with officials on both sides in customs, security and traffic.


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