Mina Fadali celebrated the second anniversary of Mahmoud Abdul Aziz's departure


Al-Wafd newspaper: Artist Mona Fadali revived the second anniversary of the departure of the great artist Mahmoud Abdelaziz, through her official page on the famous social networking site "Facebook".

"God forgives you, my beloved, and we have been saved and eaten," Fadali wrote on his page

Your listeners and your best wishes for the passion of great professor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, "and public interaction with publications, called on God to be merciful to him and his spaciousness.

Latest works by artists

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Mena Fadali "Dungeon 7" starring Nidal El Shafei, Ola Ghanem, Maya Nasri, Ahmed Zaher, Ihab Fahmy, Tamer Amin, Medhat Tekha, Ahmed Tihami, Amy Islam, Ayman Keshk, Mona Mounir Sabri and Ayman kios, directed by Nashat.

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