Khogoggi factors besides the global oil market


Khogoggi factors besides the global oil market


Under the title above, Olga Soloviova, at Nezavisimaya Gazeta, wrote about Washington's request for a reduction in new black prices, and Moscow and Riyadh were hurt.

Donald Trump found the key to managing global oil prices. The threat of US personal sanctions against the crown prince for the murder of Khashoggi, which turned Riyadh into a rogue oil producer, increased production despite lower world prices. It seems that the oil union between Russia and Saudi has become a thing of the past. A new formula for the oil market will be discussed on December 5-6 in Vienna at the OPEC + meeting.

It is clear that the leadership of Saudi Arabia in a difficult situation, experts say, for "Nazifisimaya Gazeta". "On the one hand, there are accusations of killing an influential journalist from an American newspaper who is very influential; on the other hand, the country's leadership requires relatively high oil prices (at least 70-75)," said Sergei Yermolayev, assistant professor at Plekhanov University of Economics , Russia. Dollars per barrel to maintain a balanced national budget.) The second factor is likely to burden more for the country's elite, and the Saudis will try to limit oil supplies in the world. "

Veta's managing partner, Elia Garski, did not see the possibility of imposing any sanctions on Riyadh. Because sanctions, according to him, will harm Washington more than Saudi Arabia. "Saudi Arabia exports 7.7 million barrels, and there is not even a hint of serious intention to impose restrictions in Riyadh … Riyadh can return barrels to prices close to $ 90 or more …"

Unlike the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia consume less oil than they produce, so while rising oil prices for both Moscow and Riyadh, on the contrary, pose a risk of slowing US economic growth.
"Most likely, under the new OPEC agreement, we will return to 2016. At the same time, Russia and other countries participating in the agreement will not reduce production volumes. Instead, Riyadh will cut its own quota. This is the price settlement to keep the agreement with Moscow and Washington at the same time. "

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