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Keep mouth clean and clean. Learn about negligence damage in cleaning your teeth

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Keep your mouth safe and clean … Learn about negligence damage in cleaning teeth, citing the nation's sound site, on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

Tooth cleaning is not limited to tooth decay or gingivitis, but other advanced stages of lack of dental care are highlighted by abscesses.

The askthedentist is an infection that occurs inside the tooth, causing pain that may suddenly catch you, and although sudden pain is possible to have an abscess in the teeth several years ago.

Abscesses are divided into two types: abscesses in the same tooth, and abscesses between the gums between the teeth and gums, and cause pain abscesses accompanied by several symptoms such as:

– Sensitivity to cold or hot things.

– Out of breath.

– swelling of the upper or lower jaw.

Swollen lymph glands in the neck or under the jaw.

– fever.

– Bad breath.

– Bitter taste is often described as salty.

– Ulcer wounds on the gums.

– pain when chewing.

– Pain in the bone around the affected tooth.

There are two main reasons that can cause one of them to abscess:

– The first (and most common) cause: severe tooth decay.

– Second reason: Age physical trauma can be infected.

Prevention of dental abscesses:
The best way to prevent dental abscesses is to follow a healthy diet and good oral hygiene, by following the following:

Diet prevent cavities:
A good diet means eating integrated foods that reduce processed foods and carbohydrates to prevent tooth decay.

Good oral hygiene:
After daily routine cleaning with medical threads and brushes, it prevents tooth decay, by brushing your teeth in the morning and using threads to remove food residues from the teeth.

Routine dental examination:
Regular dental visits protect you from dental complications, you may notice warning signs that you cannot see for yourself.

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Source: Voice of the Nation

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