Thursday , October 21 2021

Hanan Turk makes bread in the kitchen with his two daughters “Maryam and Mona” .. Videos and photos


Mu’tazila star Hanan left viewers with a new video of herself with her twin daughters “Maryam and Mona” through her feature story account on the site “Instagram”, and she appeared during the video preparing bread for them to eat for breakfast, and she also participated in the ending with a picture. their breakfast, attached there, Sweeter than this fine breakfast.

Hanan Turk and his daughter

Turkey Hanan
Come on, let's go
Let’s go

Mu’tazila star Hanan Turk has made a strong comeback on social media after a two-year interruption and deleting all of his photos from his Instagram account in August 2018.

However, the situation has changed a lot now, as Hanan Turk shares daily new photos of himself at sea with his fans.

He also sent a number of messages to his listeners, including the need to care for parents and not embarrass them. Hanan tweeted via his Twitter account, saying: “Don’t embarrass parents and don’t test them in their memory .. say hello to them and say your name and know for yourself because forgetting hurts. If memory betrays them then don’t Sastra betray us.”

Hanan Turk has warned his audience and followers about a fake page bearing his name and associated with him on the social networking site Facebook, and tweeting via his Twitter account, saying: “Unfortunately, many Facebook pages are in my name, and I am not responsible. over them, and for what is published in them. This is a link to my only official Facebook page, and it’s being documented, God willing. “

It is noteworthy that the Hanan Turk artist’s last appearance on television was the series “Sister Therese”, which was broadcast in 2012 and the work discusses the relationship between Muslims and Copts, and achieved great success through two characters appearing on a work show, in which two characters appear , the first Christian girl and her name. Therese, and another Muslim girl named “Khadija”, until events reveal that they are real sisters.

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