Saturday , July 24 2021

Al-Yawm newspaper: Vegetable sanctuary in Shu ayb al-Khadariyya 2 million m2

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced the allocation of land in Shuaib al-Khadariyya, in Hawatah Bani Tamim in Riyadh, to become a reserve of natural plants.

The ministry explained that this order came in fulfillment of the promise of Engineer His Excellency Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli to the community to build natural plant reserves in the area, following the violation of one of the contractors on Shoaib vegetables and 47 pieces of local trees, which necessitated penalties according to grasslands and forests and executive regulations.

The ministry stressed that the purpose of this reserve was to preserve factory assets in the region, and seed multiplication, and be configured as a natural park and channel for the community.

This also shows that the area allocated for the formation of reserves is 2,094,049 m 2, which is fully fenced in, and the entry and exit mechanism is placed to preserve vegetation cover.

It is worth mentioning that Shu 'ayb al-Khudariyya is located in the center of Al-Far' in the province of Hawat Bani Tamim, which is famous for its trees, shrubs and vegetation, in addition to its soil fertility and its benefits from rainwater and seasonal flooding.

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