Tuesday , July 27 2021

Al-Riyadh Transportation newspaper: Contract signed for 8 projects worth 773 million riyals

To improve traffic safety

Transportation: A contract signed for 8 projects worth 773 million riyals

The Ministry of Transportation has announced the commencement of the implementation of 8 traffic safety projects with a total cost of 773 million riyals to increase and improve the security of its road network of more than 68 thousand kilometers. So that the road becomes safer and safer.

The ministry shows that these projects come in 23 projects that will be implemented by the Ministry for 3 years at a cost of around 2.2 billion riyals, which shows that the implementation of these projects will contribute to reducing the number of deaths due to traffic accidents in the ministry's road network , besides providing the equivalent of 4.4 billion SR per year from the volume of accidental material losses.

Among the ongoing projects are the Technical Consultation Services Agreement to increase the level of road safety, three traffic safety equipment projects, three warning vibration projects and the National Safety Road (NRC) project, which were signed.

It is worth mentioning that the output of the draft engineering and consulting agreement, which the Ministry began to implement at the end of 2017 and will last for three years, has been revealed on the Ministry's roads, important places and traffic transfers, black spot identification, follow-up of the project incident safety, traffic safety and information analysis initiatives, updated with the General Safety Department guidelines and specifications in the Ministry of Transportation.

These include the installation of high-voltage fences or wires on roads, equipped with security elements from gates, animal traps, reflective signs and signs in animal transit areas, as well as projects to protect roadblocks on several roads and to increase intersections and connect areas on a walk in the Kingdom. The project provides several dangerous intersections and areas with lighting and rotation protection barriers.

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