Monday , June 21 2021

Al-Riyadh newspaper "Education" received two gold and silver medals from 50 countries in the world

For customers and better technical services

"Education" received two gold and silver medals from 50 countries in the world

E-Business and Call Center Etisalat 19996 at the Ministry of Education received the Best Customer Service Award and Best Use of Mandiri Service Technology in the Global Call Center Competition, More than 1500 call centers and customer services in 50 countries under the auspices of the Contact Center World, held in Prague , Czech Republic.

The General Supervisor of the Recipient Welfare Center at the Ministry of Education, Abdulaziz Al-Osaimi, thanked the Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Issa, for his support of this project and its continued follow-up to the recipient's care center.

It is worth mentioning that this service continues through its channels to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of 2030, where the Beneficiary Care Centers at the Ministry of Education are implementing projects (electronic communication services), which aim at bridging ways of communication between beneficiaries and services and measuring their satisfaction with services provided to them, For officials without difficulty come to the easiest and fastest way through receiving requests, questions, complaints and observations of beneficiaries of students, teachers and faculty members.

The Ministry of Education seeks to become an integrated portal for Ministry of Education service recipients with branches in all ministry sectors and universities and education departments in the regions and provinces, and in cultural missions in scholarship recipients, universities and private colleges through their channels on the Internet, applications smart phone, (19996), which operates all the time, as well as service accounts on social media.

This system is managed through an intelligent system that ensures transparency and objection rights to recipients, with an escalation mechanism electronically and automatically in accordance with ministerial and ministerial structures, with follow-up and improvement of all requests to ensure performance and performance and measure beneficiary satisfaction by care center for beneficiaries, training for service coordinators and follow-up units and monitoring to provide stakeholders in sectoral and departmental departments with periodic reports and statistics on the most prominent issues in the field and to lay hands on the pitfalls and shortcomings, if any, which helps in making the right decision.

The call center, through an integrated number 19996, provided several services to beneficiaries by answering their questions by returning to the Bank Frequently Asked Questions, which were fed with reference to regulations and circulars. It is updated daily in a daily way and asks about their administrative transactions in the ministry sector through the Management communication system, as well as support for several ministry programs and projects and services and systems such as the "self-service" Knight system for all employees and the Noor system for teachers and students in public education and the Ambassador system for students and other programs and programs as School experiences and lessons and virtual education vouchers and teachers are appointed to transfer special conditions to teachers and teachers and others.

Tawasir has managed to close more than 300,000 tickets during the past period and received more than one million calls.

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