Al-Riyadh newspaper Abha exaggerates .. And the fall of the team gives a draw .. And a strong presence from planets and mountains


Planet returns to its strong level again

Big drop in registration rates … And the land plays against the owner

Abha exaggerated … And the fall of the team gave a draw … and a strong presence from planets and mountains

The results of the 11th round of first-class league title Prince Mohammed Bin Salman have again reversed the challenges of competition in the standings, midfield and relegation battles this season is the hottest season in league history. All of these are the final whistles in the league's last round of the season, with tie-point-to-point at the top and bottom, and a good technical presence dominates the league sides from top to bottom, amid strong excitement which is expected to continue to the last meter of the race, and scored five wins against the draw In the same confrontation, including two for the hosts against guests, with three on the bench, giving the league a start of a lot of strength and excitement, in the new season.

The top vibrates

Abha's league leaders suffered losses after the results of the first round, became the third loss in the record, and the last of Arabism, and although it made Abha's meeting, but two points from Jeddah, which ended his house in front of Al-Taifi Pavtakkp point, For the third , who is late in the judgment, who only draws a draw away from home, and as a result comes out of the depths of the stars, to finish fourth and continues to enter stumbles in the race, with another draw from Najran, After losing Lin's goal hole to advanced to seventh.

Variable from midfield

The Gulf team, Najran and Arab scored an increase in results after the Gulf surpassed Al-Qaysumah. Najran scored a positive result in the match with one of the competition teams. Al-Araba beat Abha 2-0 to prove his progress and tattoos fell again by receiving new losses from home away. from their level. After returning to his volatile results, and decreasing ladder rankings, and fairly achieving logical results in the match with the supporters made him maintain his position, and only justice, who retreated with a point in the house in front of the torch, and had Taei tied to Jeddah, to continue the big decline after a strong start at the start of the league.

Hot landing conflict

Basics Al-Kawkab came to the table to continue their strong victory from home, scoring their third win over Al Nahda with one goal to revive their chances of leaving the base, jumping two places to 18th place with 10 points and relegating to ninth place and insisting their need for strong intervention. Al-Qaisumah lost a new home from the Gulf, after good results in the previous round, did not accompany the negative draw from the fire outside his home, in the run from the swirling centers behind.

Stations and numbers

  • Syrian goalkeeper Mahmoud Yousef has proved that a good keeper is a big part of the team's strength when he scores an extraordinary glow before his eyes, and contributes significantly to his team's victory with two penalties.

  • The torch director decided to fire his Egyptian coach Mo & Suleiman, the seventh victim in the league, and the dismissal continued in the club's randomness and the urgency of a good choice.

    • His father was the most victorious in seven confrontations, followed by Al-Ansar with six victories, planets and renaissance and lower stars with two wins.
  • The only neglect that hasn't felt any loss so far … and the maximum and most planets lose seven.

  • The Jeddah team, Al Ansar, Najaf, Najran and Al Majdal were the same in the strongest lines with 15 goals each, then Al Hajar and Al Ain with 14 goals.

    • The weakest Renaissance was an attack with seven goals and then Al-Taei with eight goals.

    – The left side and strongest defense to receive only five goals and Jeddah with eight goals.

    Al-Qaysumah scored with the weakest defense with 22 goals.

    • Only 16 goals recorded in this round with a significant decrease, and total scores in the league so far 230 goals in 110 meetings with a level of 2.46.

The joy of the mountain people

Syrian mountain guard Mohammed Yusuf

Spindel came out with valuable draws from supporters


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