Abu Dhabi Sports Channel Frequency Now set the latest frequency of Abo Dhahi Sports and forward all matches from the Zayed Cup for the 2018 championship


We offer you followers of the latest frequency "Arab News" site from the Abu Dhabi sports channel, the frequency that increases searches during the current period, especially after announcing channel management to get rights and broadcast and transfer all Zayed Cup matches to Champions Clubs, News "We offer all our followers AD ADR 2018 for free in your hands to follow and watch the Zayed Cup event for the Champions Club.

Abu Dhabi Sports Channel

The UAE's Arab satellite channel, owned by the Abu Dhabi Media Company, is also one of the most important and most popular sports channels in the Arab region, because it has a number of advantages, the most important of which is the selection of quality content.

The Abu Dhabi Sports Channel is a sports channel that broadcasts and broadcasts all sports news, free and unencrypted 24 hours a day.

The Abu Dhabi Sports Channel has the right to broadcast many international tournaments and tournaments, especially the Zayed Cup for Champions Clubs.

Abu Dhabi Sports Channel

Abu Dhabi Channel Frequency

Because of the good content and excellent content provided by the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, which has contributed to the formation of a broad base for the channel, and the desire of our site, "Arab For News" to fulfill all the concerns and desires of our followers, especially attention against the frequency of satellite channels, we offer you through the following channel frequency channels Abu Dhabi Sports Satellite Nilesat, Arab Sat.

Abu Dhabi Sports Channel Frequency
Abu Dhabi Sports Channel Frequency

The frequency of the Abu Dhabi Open Channel via Nilesat

Channel Frequency Level of coding Error correction coefficient Polarization
Abu Dhabi Elementary School 12226 27500 3/4 Horizontal
Abu Dhabi HD 12467 2/3

Abu Dhabi's open line frequency via Arab Sat

Channel Frequency Level of coding Error correction coefficient Polarization
Abu Dhabi Sports 11804 27500 3/4 Vertical

Be sure to write the frequency correctly with the selection of months according to the table attached above, and if there is a problem receiving the frequency of the channel, just leave a comment below the article, and will communicate with you through the team site, Sports.


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