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9 tips for preventing kidney disease and 4 worrying factors

The National Kidney Foundation found that 1 in 3 US adults is at risk of kidney disease, due to exposure to several factors, including diabetes, hypertension, and family history.

Kidney disease often has no symptoms and can continue until it is detected, but a simple urine test can tell you whether you have kidney disease or not, the report said.

The report notes that it is important to carry out tests, because detection, early treatment, can slow down, or prevent the development of kidney disease.

Simple test to check kidney disease:

First, check the urine …

A urine test can help save your kidney. Ask your doctor about albumin and creatinine, which determines how much protein you have in your urine.

Secondly, a blood test …

The screening level shows how well the kidneys are working to remove waste from your blood. This is the best way to check kidney function.

Learn about the main risk factors.

1. Diabetes.

2. High blood pressure.

3. Age 60 years and above.

4. Overuse of painkillers, such as painkillers.

The Foundation offers several suggestions for preventing kidney disease:

First: Stop smoking.

Second: Don't drink alcohol.

Third: weight loss if you are overweight or obese.

Fourth: Follow a healthy diet.

Fifth: Reduce salt in food.

Sixth: Understanding food labels.

Seventh: Exercise.

Eighth: Take water and liquid to keep it moist.

Ninth: Control sugar levels and blood pressure.

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