Thursday , June 24 2021

9 injuries on the national football team

Amman – The initial medical examination, supervised by the medical team of the national football team, revealed a different injury for nine players on the team.

The injury occurred when the team entered a closed training camp at a hotel in the capital before training began on Monday in preparation for the friendship of India and Saudi Arabia on the 17th and 20th of the current preparations for the 2019 Asian Cup.

After coach Technical staff Vital Borkelmann was notified of the medical reports of all the players who had undergone medical tests after their arrival at the team residence, it was decided to carry out further medical tests today and scan injured players to determine their level of injury.

Medical tests revealed different injuries for Tariq Khattab, Saeed Morjan, Khalil Bani Attiya, Obaida Samarneh, Saleh Ratb, Yazen Al Arab, Yousef Al Rawashdeh and Amer Shafi e. The medical report from the Cypriot club Aboel confirmed that Musa Al-Tamari was not ready on Monday, and made him undergo more tests, before establishing the problem of survival with the current national team in the assembly or returning to his club, under the supervision of the rehabilitation program.

Meanwhile, the team coach told Petra that although the current situation of nine players on a team with different injuries was difficult, it was also good to undergo a medical examination as soon as they arrived to check their readiness early.

"The first impression confirms the difficulty of capturing Al Samarna and salary at the Indian meeting next Saturday, or the second match against Saudi Arabia, which means they are out of account, while we will wait until the test on Monday to find out the situation from the other players, with the test results new medical. And photographs of radiation. "(Petra)

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