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Zagitova with the mistake of winning the Figure Skating Grand Prix, Moscow

Tutberidze's wife and Alina Zagitova

Alexey Adamov
Alexey Adamov

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Zagitova lost to Japan. But he can afford it

Kihira is a dangerous thing. He already defeated Alina. But the Olympic champions don't seem too tense. I want to believe it.

In the short program of women's competitions in the framework of the Moscow Grand Prix stage, Olympic champions win predictable wins. Alina Zagitova. Trust Eteri Tutberidze not only won, but whether it was exactly like figure skating. Alina acted perfectly, breaking her own world record, and at the same time brought to the ecstasy of thousands of fans at the Megasport arena and millions – on television.

Kingdom status is a big responsibility. You have to win efforts for years, but you can lose in an instant. Of course, even if Zagitova failed in an arbitrary program in Moscow, no one would remove her headscarf from her, but the public filled the hall to capacity to see another amazing Alina rental. To live to see it in the form of passionate Carmen.

Tsurskaya was again unable to bear the pressure

In the first warm-up, only four skaters skated, because American Gracie Gold could not overcome failures in short programs and refused to go to free programs. Maybe a unsuccessful rental in Moscow will still be the only one for Gracie after returning to the "lover". As a result, the company of two Japanese and Korean women is Russian Polina Tsurskaya.

The 17-year-old skater, who graduated from Eteri Tutberidze to Elena Buyanova, at night released several elements and was satisfied with seventh. At the same time, the girl's potential is very large, which she often shows in training. Unfortunately, Polina again failed to avoid mistakes. After a good start, he could not resist landing with a triple sheepskin coat in the double axis cascade. In the second part of the program, Tsurskaya finally broke: he made a mistake in the cascade, fell from the triple rittberger and made a double salchow, not a triple. In the presence of problems with psychology, and athletes themselves recognize this.

Immediately after Polina, Eun Soo Lim appears on the ice – and she glides amazingly. The arbitrary program carried out by a 15-year-old Korean woman is not only clean from a technical point of view, but also very expressive. He clearly shows why in his homeland he is called the new Kim Yu Na and they have a future that is no less powerful than the Vancouver Olympic champion. Although he did not have stability, but for the first adult season, this was completely normal.

Excessive criticism. Zagitova returned flawlessly

But can Alina go up like that always? Or is it a one-time action?

Zagitova made a mistake and lost Kihira in absentia

Zagitova's performance in the free program is to be the highlight of both the women's competition and the entire stage of the Grand Prix in Moscow. Of course, it is impossible to demand that athletes set a world record, but very well, Alina can return to relying on the highest score. Zagitova immediately caught the fans and did not release her until the last "Carmen" chord. In the first half of the program, the skating is fast and bright, to match the image.

The second part of Zagitov began with the most complicated cascade of Lutz and Rittberger three, which he failed to perform purely on the stage in Helsinki. This time there is no problem here, but Russian women cannot completely avoid mistakes in jumping. The claimed flip three actually turns out to be doubled and prevents Alina from getting to a world record in a free and short form program. The score is 222.95 points. This season is the second result in the Grand Prix – sensational Japan Rika Kihira in Hiroshima scored 224.31 points. The first full battle of the two leaders this season will take place soon, in the Grand Prix final in Canada.

While Alina is objectively stronger. In Moscow, he slid coldly, but obviously he could do better, but Kihira jumped higher than his head on his own ice, plus he used his house referee well. But to fear the best in the world specialists in triple axel needs in any case.

Luxury record. Who is the real hero of the stage of the Grand Prix in Moscow

Alina Zagitova broke two recordings in one night, Alexei Mishin kissed the ward, and Yuzuru Hania alone covered everyone.

Samodurov rushed to the final

Sofya Samodurova I have to slide right after Alina Zagitova. Psychologically it's always difficult, but a student Alexey Mishin handle that. Light and inspired skating, along with a practical leap with no defects, allowed Sofya to maintain second place and make a serious offer to enter the Grand Prix final. We will know the final composition of the six finals in a week, when potential rivals from Rag Kihira and his main opponents will appear on the French stage Evgenia Medvedeva.

Will the repetition of the legendary Olympic match take place at the final Grand Prix? Wait not long.

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