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What is good for the Chinese … 8 principles of nutrition that extend life | Proper nutrition Health

One diet that helps maintain not only normal weight, but also health, has been developed Thomas Campbell.

Is there too much meat on the table?

As a professor in the Department of Food Biochemistry at Cornell University, he participated in Chinese Studies, which was conducted together in 1973-1984. America, Britain and actually China. This is still one of the most respected nutrition studies. Based on the results and various animal experiments (this experiment was carried out to better understand and explain the data obtained), he developed his own nutritional system and, together with his son, described it in a number of books.

The basis of this system is plant-based food, but Campbell does not consider himself a vegetarian. "We use the phrase" whole plant food "and don't use the words" vegan "or" vegetarian, "he stressed. So he distanced himself from the ideology of these movements and emphasized that their followers often ate the same processed plant foods not benefits it like an animal.In its nutritional system, vegetable products are only whole, not passing through the millstones of the food industry (see infographic).

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When asked whether to abandon all animal products, he replied: "We recommend trying to remove all animal products from your diet, but don't focus on this. If a delicious vegetable soup is cooked in chicken broth or in a slice of whole wheat bread containing a little egg, don't worry. In such quantities, these products most likely do not have a strong effect on the body. "

8 principles of a professor

In addition to the list of products that are allowed and prohibited for Campbell's nutritional system, the following 8 principles are also important.

Principle 1. In nutrition, the whole is always greater than the amount of the food component.

In the course of evolution, we have developed a very complex system of chemical reactions aimed at obtaining the maximum benefit from whole food – in this form it exists in nature. Therefore, he (and not recycling) you should try to enter from the beginning.

Here they cook everything and make delicious even from grasshopper legs, even from squid.

Principle 2. Supplements are not a panacea for health.

Nutrition is a very complex biochemical process in which thousands of substances are involved that affect your health in different ways. It is very unlikely that individual nutrients taken as food additives can replace whole foods. They are important for the body only when they include them in food form, and not additives. There are two exceptions to the 2nd principle. The first is vitamin B12. It is not found in plant foods, and its deficiency causes serious anemia and neurological disorders. Therefore, it must be obtained in the form of medicines. The second is vitamin D. We produce it under the influence of sunlight (you must be in the sun for 15-30 minutes a day). But in Russia it is not always possible to get so much ultraviolet radiation (especially in winter), therefore vitamin D should be consumed as well.

Principle 3. Almost all nutrients are better represented in plant foods than animals.

Vegetable foods have more minerals, more vitamins, and antioxidants and fiber. The last two types of substances in animal foods are practically absent, and contain more harmful fats and cholesterol. It also has more protein, but nuts and seeds are rich in protein and fat from plant foods. According to Thomas Campbell, vegetable protein is healthier than animals. To support his words, he provides a comparison of animal and plant products for important components (see table). The numbers seem paradoxical: we are accustomed to the fact that animal products are richer in different substances. But here it must be remembered that the calculation is not for 100 g, as we usually do, but for the product volume containing 500 kcal. That is, the amount of vegetable food is more than animals, because of less calories. This is a big plus – you can eat more plant foods so there is no hunger, and not get fat.

Nutrient content in plant and animal foods (per 500 kcal of energy)
NutritionVegetable foodAnimal food
Cholesterol (mg)no137
Fat (g)436
Protein (g)3334
Beta Carotene (mcg)29.917
Fiber (g)31no
Vitamin C (mg)2934
Folic Acid (mcg)116819
Vitamin E (mg)110.5
Iron (mg)202
Magnesium (mg)54851
Calcium (mg)545252
* For plant foods, calculations are made for tomatoes, spinach, beans, peas, and potatoes taken in equal portions.
** Animal foods are represented in equal portions by beef, pork, chicken and whole milk.

Principle 4. Bad genes alone do not cause disease. They work only after activation, and include them mainly food.

Campbell rodent research has shown that reducing animal protein intake inhibits bad genes. This is consistent with data from Chinese studies. Therefore, he suggested to leave animal products.

Principle 5. Nutrition can offset the effects of hazardous chemicals.

During the experiment, Campbell showed that even large doses of aflatoxin carcinogens in mice do not cause cancer if they eat less protein. He believes this applies to people. Maybe this applies to other hazardous substances.

Principle 6. The same nutrients that prevent disease can stop their development or heal a person after being diagnosed.

It is believed that breast cancer initiation sometimes occurs in adolescence, but the disease itself can appear after menopause. As Campbell's research shows, this cancer initiation can be stopped or even reversed with proper nutrition. This is true in relation to other diseases. It is proven that eating whole plant foods helps cure cardiovascular disease even at an advanced stage, and helps patients with type 2 diabetes refuse drugs. But the same product also prevents the development of this disease if taken from a young age.

Principle 7. Nutrition, useful in one disease, will help in the prevention of others.

"Although eating plant foods is more effective in the treatment of cardiovascular disease than in the treatment of brain cancer, you can be sure: this diet will not simultaneously trigger one disease to treat another. This can help various diseases, "Campbell said.

Principle 8. Good nutrition improves health in various areas of our lives.

"This became clear to me during the experiment," the professor wrote. "Mice on a low protein diet not only do not develop liver cancer, but also have lower cholesterol, they are significantly more energetic and voluntarily" train "on wheels 2 times longer than rats, which have more protein in their diets." Thanks to proper nutrition, you will have higher physical activity, better emotional and mental health.

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