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UAZ "Patriot" behind limousine subdued network: AvtoMedia: VladTime

A special version of the SUV displayed in the review.

Previously, a limousine talked a lot about UAZ "Patriot" behind, but no one saw it. The next conversation has a "physical" incarnation. The car is in one copy, and previously did not take reviews.

UAZ Limousine "Patriot" looks pretty good, because this car is built on the basis of a fixed SUV. In fact, in the appearance of the car, nothing has changed unless it has become longer. Approximately the same reviewer said about the internal space of the car, because if you are behind the wheel, the difference between a limousine and a conventional car can be ignored. Even the hatches were installed as usual "Patriots".

Let's explain that the salon limousine was taken from a car in 2009, and its image was borrowed from a car in 2015. Nothing extraordinary under a good long SUV tent. The car is driven by the standard ZMZ-409 unit. Despite the long increase due to changes in engine design, it has a four-wheel drive.

"Cortege" for fools is taken from the trunk – the space is occupied by the back seat. Among them is a folding table. Behind the driver's seat there are two seats placed in the opposite direction. Between them there is an armrest. If the armrest is pushed onto the sofa, the limousine is seven seats.

It is known that the UAZ "Patriot" limousine was created to guide the Ulyanovsk Car Factory. The mass production of this machine is not planned, which disturbs the public. Network users conquer unusual cars and they admit that they want to see them on the market.

"When I decided to get married, I would get a job at the UAZ to work only because of this limousine, "" I will leave it in the series "," This idea is very good. Change, and very quickly find the customer "," I will buy, "- write to the network.

By the way, there are people who pay attention to one serious weakness of the UAZ Patriot limousine. For passengers in the cabin the car does not have a door handle, where you can put your hand to rest. Therefore, the public believes that cars cannot boast comfort.

Ivan Golovin


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