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Former fortune teller from the program "Let & # 39; s Get Married" Tamara Globa shares stories about serious illnesses on "Wife. Love story, TVC wrote.

The 61-year-old TV presenter said that nearly 40 years ago, doctors discovered he had a tumor.

"At 23, I was seriously ill. They say that is a tumor. Lie on the crayfish box. After the operation, he could not lift his head from the pillow for a year, "Globa recalled, telling her about her first marriage.

The astrologer admitted that he strangled her husband with his feelings, but her husband felt his emotional behavior with indifference. Moreover, he did not even visit him at the hospital.

Previously, Natalya Maltseva, former program presenter for "Apartment Questions", explained her departure from the screen. He said that for two years he had been treated for cancer in Israel. At the same time, Maltseva noted that all this time he had not left television: he continued working on NTV behind the scenes.

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