Thursday , May 6 2021

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Despite his alcoholic addiction and health problems, singer Yevgeny Osin continued to write songs until the last days. He created, in his own words, not to govern, but from the heart, and was convinced that these works had a bright future.

Before his death, Yevgeny Osin contacted his friends and colleagues on the stage of Andrei Kovalev. "Andryukha, this is Evgeny Osin again. I wrote songs from my last strength, but not to order, but from the heart," the Komsomolskaya Pravda website quoted musicians.

"I wrote a song for you so that it will destroy all your hits," said a friend of Yevgeny Osin. He even planned who would play guitar solos in the new composition – the singer entrusted this role to guitarist Vadim Vershin, who collaborated with many Russian pop stars and even won high praise from Metallica singers.

This is the last message delivered by Yevgeny Osin to his friend and colleague Andrei Kovalev. Whether the musician's future hits remain recorded on several operators or cannot be left alone along with the author himself is unknown.

Remember that Eugene Osin's death began to be known on November 17. The body of the singer in his apartment in Moscow was discovered by his sister. According to preliminary data, the artist died of a heart attack. Relatives, friends and relatives believe that the musician's health was damaged by his alcoholism.

Yevgeny Osin, with the help of her friends, tried to stop drinking many times, underwent special treatment, but every time she broke down and started drinking more. He often falls and limps, which only worsens his condition.

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