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The Ural Dumplings Star refused to go to the men's bath – URA.RU

During a trip to Germany, the artist learned about the recreational features of the localsPhotos: Ilana Yuriev, Instagram

The actress of the event "Ural dumplings" Ilana Yuryeva during a trip to Germany refused to take a bath in a bath with Germany. He noted that these features are generally accepted norms for residents of European countries.

Yurieva said that during her vacation with her husband in Germany, she managed to visit Berlin, Hamburg Paderborn, Düsseldorf for the first time. Once on German soil, they decided to become acquainted with the country's peculiarities. In particular, they decided to spend time in the steam room. Before paying for services, the manager explained that in Germany, men and women went to the bathhouse together. As a result, Yuriev hid and decided to leave the bathroom. "They decided to go to the bathhouse at home, on their site. This is clearer and more familiar to us, "the 7-day portal sends artist's words.

Ilana Yurieva is not the only one of the collective "Ural dumplings" recently chosen abroad. In particular, splinter members from the Vyacheslav Myasnikov show found "double" in England.

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