The main fear of the young Kirkorov was revealed :: Showbiz


The king of Russian pop music has a trend that explains the emergence of embarrassing clips

Actor and TV presenter Alexander Gudkov, who videotaped Philip Kirkorov's "The Color of Mood Blue," spoke about the secret singer complex.

"Philip was worried: wouldn't I look like a young clown. I replied: Yes, Philip, you would look like a young clown, but that would be normal," Gudkov said in an interview with Yuri Dudiu.

For the question that stung the Dudya, why did Kirkorov need to make this provocative clip, Gudkov replied with a dismissive attitude: "He wants to be on the wave. Philip … he will do many things to be modern with young people.

The artist acknowledged that the cost of making the film was very expensive – he lost 6 kg and besides that did not receive a penny, because all the money went into production.

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According to Gudkov, he was initially wary of the idea of ​​cooperation with Russian pop kings. According to him, Kirkorov was for him a man who felt himself to be "the Buddha of all time and society." The reality is much better. The artist emphasized that Philip Bedrosovich was a very reflective person who followed everything that happened.


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