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The Cabinet of Ministers allows the driver not to put a "Nail" sign on the car – Society

MOSCOW, November 29. / Tass /. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decision on changes to the rules of the road, which, among other things, removed the driver's obligation to put a "Nail" sign on the car due to a loss of relevance. The document was published on Thursday on the government website.

"This does not include the driver's obligation to install" Spikes "identification marks on motorized vehicles with studded tires," read the explanatory note for the decision. It should be noted that the sign has lost its relevance, because at this time the dynamic characteristics of vehicle movements are largely determined by other factors: design, congestion levels, the presence of modern brake systems and so on, which means that the installation of marks is not possible in non-uniform road conditions.

The Cabinet of Ministers likens people in wheelchairs to pedestrians. "Changes made to the rules also clarify the concept of" pedestrians. "Pedestrians are likened to people who move in wheelchairs driven by engines, the message said.

In addition, the signed decision gave disabled people more opportunities to park. Thus, the signs 3.28 "Parking is prohibited", 3.29 "Parking is prohibited in odd days of the month" and 3.30 "Parking is prohibited even on days of the month" will not apply to cars driven by persons with disabilities from all disabled groups who carry persons with disabilities if a "Invalid" identification sign is installed. Previously, only persons with disabilities I and II could use this opportunity. According to the federal list of persons with disabilities, as of January 1, 2018, 4.4 million people in Group III lived in Russia.

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