Sony PlayStation 5 gets the most extraordinary features


Currently there are several game consoles on the market, but their days have been counted, because in 2019 announcements will take place, and then sales start from new things called Sony PlayStation 5. This will receive advanced technical equipment, as well as several features others about one that we found today, November 27, 2018. This information was obtained from official sources, namely the United States Bureau of Goods and Patents.

Especially for Sony PlayStaion 5 game consoles, the manufacturer has made special drives with capacities of up to 120 GB. This is something like an SD memory card, while having a large thickness and a special connector designed to connect to the console. Various video games will be installed on this same drive, that is, this flash drive will be inserted into the console, not the ordinary optical disk.

It was reported that a special cartridge with games for the Sony PlayStation 5 made of synthetic resin, which provides high strength and good durability. This flash drive will be found by people who buy boxes with video games for new generation consoles at retail stores. There are opinions that these cartridges will have protection, that is, they will not be allowed to use them on multiple consoles at once, as a result of which you have to forget the business by reselling them after passing the game.

The patent belongs to Japanese company Sony Interactive Entertainment, which has found it necessary to keep all information about the secret of a new information storage device. It is impossible not to notice that currently on the PS4 all games are recorded on special Blu-ray discs with increasing volume, after which they are sold in stores around the world, where people actively buy them. This optical disk has a very high cost, so the transition to internal cartridges is an economic feasibility that is quite understandable, as well as an additional protection system.

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