Regina Todorenko acknowledged that in the labor process she felt no pain


23:40, 01/18/2019

Being in the 7th month of pregnancy, TV presenters register for courses where they are taught to give birth correctly.

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Last month, 28-year-old Regina Todorenko first became a mother. TV presenter gave birth to his partner, singer Vlad Topalov, son. Regina hid her pregnancy from the public to the last and confessed only when it was impossible to conceal a round belly that was felt. But now, as if compensating for the long silence, the star tells in detail about each month of her pregnancy. Yesterday, for example, he published a photo in a bikini made in the sixth month of his pregnancy on his microblog on Instagram, and said that he had found telassotherapy on vacation in Greece.

Regina Todorenko in the 6th month of pregnancy

Today is Regina's 7th month. Rest behind, it's time to start preparing for labor. According to Regina, she was looking for a suitable course for a long time, because it was important for her to learn to give birth. Todorenko acknowledges that he is a supporter of natural childbirth, so it is very important for him to ensure that this process is pleasant and painless. "Every time they ask me:" When to give birth? "And I replied that an investigator looked at me and said:" Poor, well, come on, wait! " I wonder why I have to endure, because childbirth is the same natural process in a woman's body, like everyone else. Of course, so that everything goes well and smoothly, you need to try, because this is the birth of the most beautiful thing that can exist in the world! " Note ed.)

Regina Todorenko in the 4th month of pregnancy

As a result, the choice of TV presenters fell on the only hypogeses that grow in Russia – a course for those who are afraid of giving birth. "In the learning process, you will understand how to regulate your body during labor, how important breathing is, what exercises are worth doing. In class we meditated a lot, several times a day I practiced breathing exercises, which then helped me a lot. My coach told me how to give birth without pain, show different videos, explain how all the mechanisms are regulated in our body, "Todorenko said. The TV presenter believes that the experience gained in the course is what helps her give birth with maximum comfort. In the end, Regina advises women during pregnancy to listen to themselves more often and do everything just to experience comfort and joy.

Remember that Regina herself did not want to release her favorite food during this period, so her diet consisted mainly of bread, potatoes, and seafood. And Todorenko can't even see turkeys and chickens, even though he loves them very much. As a result, during pregnancy, the star increases by 18 kilograms.

During pregnancy, Regina Todorenko rose 18 kilograms.

Add that the owner of the title "Year Pair" according to the version of two glossy official publications at once, Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko for a long time hid their relationship from the public. Although, as noted by the singer himself in the exclusive "Around TV" video interview, it would be more appropriate to say "they don't advertise". Remember the rumors about musician novels and TV presenters appeared in early January 2018, but the star "Eagle and Tails" denied the affair with former soloist Smash !!. Lovers told of their relationship only at the end of July last year. At the same time, the couple announced their engagement. Three months later, on October 25, the lovers officially became husband and wife, only inviting the closest and dearest to the marriage.

Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko

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