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The Public Prosecutor's Office demanded to institute a criminal case against N 3 prison correctional officials in Amur Region, where gang members Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, a gang member, was serving a sentence.

The reason was the publication of well-known photographs where prisoners serving in the high security colony Tsepovyz fried kebabs, ate caviar and crabs and seemed very happy with life.

"The prosecutor's office sent verification materials to the authorities conducting an investigation to resolve the problem of starting a criminal case against officials of a penal institution based on Article 285 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (" Abuse of Power ") and Article 286 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (" Strength ")" said an official representative from Attorney General Alexander Kurennoy.

If the check confirms the violation of the sentence, and this is practically proven, then the leader of the No3 colony will be best fired.

Recall, on November 4, on the anniversary of the eighth anniversary of the murder by the family and friends gang of Amedov's Kuban Server, photographs of royal food Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz serving the term in the Amur Region appeared on the Web.

This person sits in an N 3 prisoner colony of a strict regime for the first prisoners in the village of the Middle East Ivanovo in the Amur region. This institution was designed for 1067 inmates.

After the embarrassing story with a photo of Tsepovyaz placed in a punishment cell.

"I talked to him about the photos, he said that their authenticity must be proven first," the defense inmate said and called the photos fake. But the prison department responded to the first scandal, stating that the photos were genuine. And made in 2015.

Natalya Okhotnikova, chairman of the Amur Regional Public Observatory, claimed that Tsepovyaz served a sentence without privileges.

"Ordinary barracks with kitchens, psychologist rooms, bunk beds, no privileges. We visited Tsepovyaz three weeks ago when there was no photo scandal. My visit was connected with the distribution of property between him and his ex-wife," Okhotnikova said.

He added that due to the property process, after the divorce and complaints of Tsepovyaz's ex-wife regarding his client, inspections became more frequent.

Prisoners will most likely not have special problems. Yes, most likely the same photo, most likely, the management of the colony will not be possible. Both the current leadership of the colony, who is now checking checks, or who might replace it.

In addition, the prison department took a clear position from the start. First, the UFSIN in Amur Region gave a complicated comment that these photos were taken back in 2015. And then he announced that an inspection of services was being carried out for regime violations. The detachment inspector reaches the colony, while seafood lovers go to the punishment cell.

– He was placed in a detention center for three days, I did not know the reason for his transfer there. Tomorrow I will go to the colony. Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz worked in the zone as a beekeeper before all this noise, then, after the scandal began, he was transferred to a detachment where they did not work, Roman Volkov, lawyer Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, who had been sentenced for almost 20 years, told GM .

If the inspection confirms the violation of the regime serving the sentence, and this is practically proven, then the head of the N3 colony will be dismissed without severance payments. At worst, they will see their area on the other side of barbed wire.


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