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Maxim Mamin will return from NHL to CSKA

Since the start of the NHL season, less than two months have passed, and one of the Russians has decided to go home. According to TSN reporter Darren Dreger, "Florida" will give Maxim Mamin for rent in CSKA.

Is there a rental on NHL?

Yes, here. Unlike KHL, where for years they denied and half whispers were called "hidden." In NHL, even ordinary links to farm clubs are sometimes referred to as renting. Cases of business trips to Europe are not uncommon. As a rule, this concerns Sweden and young Finland. With the participation of Russians, such transactions occur far less frequently. The story first Nikolay Goldobina, who went to Finland for a year, after which he made his debut for San Jose. At KHIFK he was given a place on the second level, the majority brigade and was released to the youth world championship.

The last rental case involving Russian hockey players was dated last season. Aleksey Bereglazov at about the same time he returned to Magnitogorsk. True, the defender did not make his debut for Rangers, having spent 13 matches for the farm club. Mum, on the other hand, plays exclusively for Florida this season, but recently the club decided to send it and Denis Malgina in AHL. A Swiss from Russia finally reached Springfield, and Maksim took advantage of a clause in the contract that made it possible to return to Europe in the event of a relationship with agriculture.

Who else can come to KHL?

Soon other young players hired from NHL clubs can reach KHL. This is about Christiane Vesalainene, the right "Yokerit" was recently purchased from SKA. Under the terms of his contract, a 19-year-old Finnish boy could leave the Winnipeg system if he remained in the AHL until November 17, but he was suddenly called to the Jets base. However, the possibility of his appearance in the "comedian" camp is still large.

SKA trades rights for striker Vesalainen on Jokerit

It is not excluded that the loan in "Jokerit" will return Eli Tolvanenwhich is not good in Nashville. Together with Vesalainen, they became the top scorers in the Finnish national team at the past world youth championships. Both, by the way, based on age can play in Vancouver. So, "Yokerit", after getting this couple or at least someone, seriously complicates the life of Valery Bragin and her ward.

How do you play Mamin?

As we have said, all seven matches this season spent by Mamin on the NHL, avoiding relations with agricultural clubs. But seeing how often Russia stays in reserve, and how much time the Panthers head coach gives him, you wonder: isn't it better to play for Springfield, where did Maxim spend the last half of the season? Apparently, the attacker himself did not want to return to the AHL. More than 10 minutes for "Florida" which he received only in the first match of the season for himself. For the team, the match with Vancouver is the third. In the future, Mamin appears in the composition on the same schedule: two matches – in stock, two matches – drama.

Mamin, who scored three goals last season, has never been able to distinguish himself now. All seven games he spent for zero left, mostly on the fourth link. In the first match of the season it was officially released in the majority, but actually it was from five to fifteen seconds. Even just touching the pieces at times like that to find happiness. Undoubtedly, Maxim's best match spent at the end of October against Rangers, when not only had a fight with Brendan Smith, but also added four throws and three forces moved to the first battle in the NHL.

"He has traveled a lot during the past season, but he is still used to NHL, learning what it means to be a professional. I always tell our young people: doing things in every game to make it harder for me to make decisions. But they all lack stability. Not only Mamina – we have a lot. That's why we left Mamin, Malgina and others in reserve, "Florida head coach Bob Bugner said on November 2.

After an interview with Bugner, the Russian striker disappeared for a long time from the Panthers. Mummy missed five games in a row, which is a record of his time in stock. After a severe defeat by Columbus, he was returned to the squad for the match against Rangers. Unfortunately, repetition of October's performance was unsuccessful. Maxim accepts minimum istaym in season (4:01), but manages to get "-2" in terms of utility. For "Florida" management it is the last straw.

19 Russians with the final year of contracts in the NHL. What will happen to them next?

We will see some of them at KHL next year.

Does he have a place in CSKA?

According to North American sources, "Florida" gave Mom a rental to give her playing practice. The only question is whether CSKA is currently suitable for this, big doubts arise. The Igor Nikitin team is on the move, "CSKA" has been on three points from the Avtomobilist, and in the last 23 matches they have scored 22 wins. And most importantly, that in order to perfectly attack Muscovites. There is an incredible trio of Grigorenko – Way – Whims, who have led CSKA since the start of the season. Slightly stopped at first, but then Maxim Shalunov entered. Finally adjusted to the "army" hockey Konstantin Okulov.

This season, CSKA has not had a long bench like in the previous season. Crazy and merciless rotation is now the hallmark of other "army" clubs. However, the composition of Muscovites is still seen by staff for eyeballs. Routinely, Nikitin involved 15 front players, five five times full. Rumors say that Muscovite might part ways with Pavel Karnaukhov, but globally this will not change anything.

Above 6 Mamin, honestly, nothing can be caught. He sometimes appears in the top link on Dmitry Kvartalnov, but later CSKA composition had more workers and farmers. Now Maxim has to compete with Telegin and Kalinin, who are considered the top checkers at the national team level, legionaires Scott and Hansen, and colleagues who are a little more creative Tolchinsky.

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There are no coaches who don't trust the young.

It's hard to imagine that in CSKA at the moment, Mamin will rise above the third level, won't be played and will receive at least 15 minutes from Nikitin per game. Unlike what was offered to him in Florida, everyone might seem happy, but it would be more useful for Maxim to spend this season on a conventional torpedo or go to Europe.

Will he return to Florida?

De jure Mom is hired, but everything is in accordance with the fact that the 23-year-old attacker will hand over a page to himself called the NHL. As Bereglazov has stated: after winning back half a season at "Magnitogorsk" on loan, he remains in his native club permanently. Mom's contract with Florida ended in 2019, after which he became a limited free agent. In this case, Russians do not have the right to arbitration.

Thus, Mamin is not required to return abroad. Given how after one season at NHL Roman Lyubimov, Anton Belov and many of our hockey players returned home, we can assume that Mamin will only tick and forget the dream of entering the strongest league in the world. In addition, in CSKA he will not knock out such statistics, with which you can claim a second attempt.

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