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Maria Poroshina shows the villa where she vacationed the night before labor

10:49, 11/29/2018

The actress did not mention the country where she was on vacation, but, from the view, we talked about one of the southern European countries.

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For the first time about Mary Poroshina's fifth pregnancy becoming known this summer. A few weeks after the news about recharging the actress in the family, suddenly it turned out that Poroshina had divorced her husband, Ilya Drevnov after 17 years of marriage and expecting a child from selected people. After the press came speculation about who could be the father of the child of the actress, Maria in a rather sharp form denied rumors about the affair with her colleague Yaroslav Boyko and said she was waiting for her baby from the person she loved. Call the name Poroshina dearly rejected, while showing her face.

It turns out this week on the night of the birth of Poroshina went on vacation. The actress did not mention her location, but yesterday she showed her Instagram microblog on Instagram in the mansion where she lives. Poroshina is limited to very concise signatures for frames. "It's getting dark," Maria wrote (spelling and punctuation of writers were given without change. – Note ed.) Fans immediately noticed the palm trees growing in the yard, and began to wonder where their favorite actresses went.

Maria Poroshina shows the villa where she vacationed the night before labor

"Is this your house?", "Where is this beauty?", "Luxury", "Very", "Woman in this window, in a pink dress … A touching picture", "Romantic", "envy ( beeeeeee) "" Beauty and comfort … "," and in Maria Mikhailovna's window! for the stomach remains beautiful, as always! "," Spain "," Finally, happiness has reached you … "," Looks like Greece. … Maybe Cyprus and Spain … "," Good evening, Mary !!! "- followers written Poroshin.

Recall that in a marriage with Ilya Drevnov, Mary Poroshinoy had three daughters: Seraphim, Agrafena and Glafira. Artists for long periods of time without a stamp on their passports. Maria and Ilya decided to legalize their relationship only after the birth of their second child. By the way, a few weeks ago Poroshina shared a rare snapshot with her daughter from Drevnova. Then aKtrisa admitted that she did not take photos together with heirs for a long time and was happy that she had recently agreed to a joint photo session. True, Maria's fans noticed that her oldest daughter was not in the video. Polina actress gave birth in 1996, when she had a relationship with Gosha Kutsenko. The girl followed in the footsteps of her parents and became an actress, after appearing in projects such as "Final Police" and "Compensation".

Maria Poroshina for the first time in a long time to publish photos with her daughter (photo gallery: scroll right)

Ilya Drevnov, Maria Poroshina, and Polina Kutsenko

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