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"Kommersant" announced the possibility of resigning from the heads of the regions of Ulyanovsk and Belgorod

In the near future, regional heads Ulyanovsk and Belgorod, Sergey Morozov and Yevgeny Savchenko, could leave their posts, Kommersant reports.

Morozov has led the Ulyanovsk Region for 14 years, and Savchenko, for 24 years. Their power ended only in 2021 and 2022.

In 2016, Morozov won the gubernatorial election, winning 54% of the vote. According to Kommersant's interlocutor, the talk of the possibility of Morozov's resignation "has been going on for several months, but the situation remains the same because of the governor's support in the federal center."

He can be replaced by the head of the Federal Medical Biological Agency Vladimir Uiba. As noted by interlocutors close to the local government, changes in regional heads are expected "in the next few months".

Savchenko could leave his post "already in December," a source told Kommersant. In the fall of 2017, he won more than 62% of the votes in regional elections, and after being re-elected he told President Vladimir Putin that he entered a "five-year settlement", that is, he would not run for a new term.

Olga Pavlova, Deputy Governor of Belgorod Obasti, mentioned information about the possible "stupidity" of Savchenko's resignation. "There are no preconditions for this. Two days ago, the Belgorod region was ranked first in this country in terms of project management maturity. The day before, he was recognized as the best in Russia for the quality of executive work. With assessments like that working at the federal level, I don't really understand what the basis of this rumor is, "he said.

According to political analyst Rostislav Turovsky, in the "Ulyanovsk region" protest sentiments were beyond the control of the authorities, the Communist Party won elections to the Legislative Assembly. In the Belgorod region, the situation is different: "planned" replacements are possible there because of the age of the current regional head, who is 68 years old, the expert noted.

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