Tuesday , March 2 2021

Fire at the "Lenta" hypermarket on St. Petersburg localized – Accident

SAINT-PETERSBURG, 10 November. / Tass /. Fire at the Lenta hypermarket on St. Petersburg was localized, the ranking of difficulties was reduced from third to second, the press service of the Emergency Ministry in the city reported.

"At 10:05 Moscow time, fire in: Admiralteysky district, Bypass channel embankment, build 118, build 7, localized. Fire rank has been reduced to No. 2," said the department.

The fire department headquarters reported that the area of ​​the fire had dropped eight times: from 4,800 square meters. meters to 600 square meters. meter "Now the fire area is 600 square meters. The roof is on fire," said the bureau source. "The fire is localized, there is no threat of further spread," he added.

In fires involving more than 50 people. "Firefighters put out hypermarkets outside the building, in work not carried out due to roof collapse and instability of some structures," explained the headquarters.

Information about fires in the hypermarket on the Obvodny channel arrived at 8:30 Moscow time. 800 people were evacuated. This is known about one victim, he was hospitalized.

The 24-hour Hypermarket is located in the former industrial zone near the Baltic Station, on the gray belt of St. Petersburg called gray, which includes industrial facilities. Now built with housing, public space is being created within industrial facilities.

Lenta is a large hypermarket chain, founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg. The total number of stores as of March 31, 2018 is 338: 232 hypermarkets and 106 supermarkets.

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