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Deputy Dato of the Saratov Region Nikolai Bondarenko concluded the experiment, where he ate a month at 3,5 thousand rubles.

Deputies gave a press conference "The Ministerial Diet or, as a representative of Saratov, ate a basket of consumers," in which he stated that it was impossible to eat 3.5 thousand rubles. According to him, the size of the consumer basket must be significantly increased.

"Baskets of consumers must be at least 10 thousand rubles, the subsistence minimum must be at least 20 thousand rubles. However, this does not apply to Moscow, because in Moscow there must be other objective conditions. <…> In my opinion, 10 thousand rubles. "At least, with this money you can buy real milk, cheese, meat, fruits," the Moscow agent quoted Bondarenko as saying.

MP offers to live with 3.5 thousand per month
Deputy Saratov promised to change with his initiative "to the federal center, the State Duma and the government of the Russian Federation" and asked representatives and other ministers to repeat attempts to "feel the consequences" of their decisions.
Remember, the idea of ​​conducting an experiment came to Nikolai Bondarenko after a dispute with the former minister of labor from the Saratov region, Natalia Sokolova, on the subject of a subsistence minimum, in which he stated that 3.5 thousand rubles "was sufficient to meet minimum physiological needs.

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