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continued audience growth and the next update release

Fortnite's online shooter audience has reached two hundred million people – comparable to Brazilians. Since June this year, the number of players has increased by 60% – then Epic Games said that 125 million users were registered at Fortnite. And this is five times more than the company calculated in January. This was announced by the Bloomberg portal.

Meanwhile, Epic Games has released update 6.31 for Fortnite on all platforms. Together with him, the temporary regime "Team Battle" comes to "Royal Battle", where you have to destroy 100 first rivals to win, and epic and legendary versions of pump rifles. In "Battle with the Storm," a new designer appears, the Pilot, and the Undertaker spade, and the second part that has been long awaited in the history of the Valley of Things.

In addition, the streaming performance on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch has been improved, which will speed up loading of the building during the fall of the player. The volume of sound effects during flight on the glider hangs increases, and is emitted by overheating turrets – decreasing. Read more about all changes in the balance sheet on the official website.

Also with the update release 6.31 Fortnite now has the opportunity to give prizes. Right, so far only for one week. It's impossible on iOS – Apple forbid.

This functions as follows: when you select a product in the item shop, then, in addition to the "Buy item" button, now there will be a "Buy as gift" button. Selecting the latter, you will be asked to show which friends sent it. If desired, the gift can be accompanied by several messages.

But this function has a number of limitations:

  • it does not work for those who do not use multi-factor authentication – instructions for inclusion by reference;
  • You cannot send gifts to new friends – at least 48 hours must pass from the addition moment;
  • no more than three prizes in 24 hours;
  • You cannot refund funds for prizes;

Fortnite is available on PCs, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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