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Buzova indulgently pampers all the wishes of fans: Show Business: VladTime

Olga continues to argue that she does not have the essence of the artist.

Olga Buzova's fans, as practice shows, people are quite illegible, but, apparently, influential. It became possible to confirm this after he posted a publication in the open space of his social network Instagram which stated that he had recorded a new song. According to the vocalist, he did everything exactly as many fans asked him for. Olga acknowledged that he calculated requests and recorded "fast and dancing" songs, which once again proved his fondness without thinking for the wishes of fans.

So far Buzova has done everything to prove that she doesn't have a stick attached to every artist. Apparently, the producers didn't really care about the image of the singer, and Olga didn't care about it, because he saw the most important thing – the concert venue was filled, and the shirt and album were bought. He doesn't need anything else.

In one way or another, even considering Buzova's success, each artist must have some principle position about his own creativity. If it's not there, then it immediately appears that Olga, in essence, is "on the drum" for her work.

See this post on Instagram

I keep a week with myself, and don't believe that this is me ???? I don't know how to convey these emotions with words … I am afraid, hurt, but when I break away from Crocus and see you all, I feel that you are my strength, my support, my support, my life and – this extraordinary state of happiness and euphoria ?????? That's a shout from my heart … Thank you for accepting me like this ???????? this !!! I want to see you always … my good people, today I can't imagine my life without scenery and you … we breathe with you … thank you … you are my people who make I am stronger and better every day! ???????? Thanks to you, I feel that I am LIFE! I love you? Thank you for everything ???????? Soon my event will take place # Thank Me at St. Petersburg, in my hometown ???????? Who at the Crocus concert? Write your impression ???? And who will be with me 12/12/18 on St. Petersburg? ???? #showPrignaimen # my dear one is very good # not afraid of #publicity and love

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It is logical to assume that all the time before that, when Buzova was suspected of "kayfovala" under her own album, she recruited to advertise music recorded to her and make hyip before the upcoming concert. This attitude is more suitable for Labucha restaurants than successful artists, to whom Olga is not bored, including herself.

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